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Dear Consumer Complaints,

Animal testing is a serious problem when it comes to cosmetic products. I am campaigning to stop corporations from using non third party certified logos. Companies which legitimately certify products include official third party logos. No other logos should be allowed on products. Consumers must be able to make a decision for themselves and know the truth behind each corporation. Using non certified logos has a negative effect on the corporation its-self. Especially with the Australian Government putting a ban on animal testing on any new products. I’m sure you’re aware of the circumstances and are against any corporation using a non-certified third party logo. Corporations should not be permitted to use unofficial logos on their products in Australia.

Many animals are being killed each year by corporations for testing and they’re able to get away with it by using unofficial logos. Unofficial logos are used companies that have been signed off by corporations such as PETA for being cruelty free. These logos are usually very small and try to look cute but are really just unreliable and fake. Labelling is a major issue when it comes to cosmetics and which corporations truly are cruelty-free. Animals shouldn’t have to go through the pain they endure for our cosmetics and beauty. It is cruel and inhumane. It can fall into the category of murder and torture. There is alternatives out there that don’t involve animals for testing. Technology and scientific studies are a lot cheaper and more accurate to how the chemicals would react to the human body. Consumers deserve to know the truth about the corporations, but while companies are able to use unofficial third party logos, consumers are unable to know who truly tests on animals and who doesn’t.

If you regulate labelling more closely, consumers will be able to decide whether the product is cruelty-free or not. Laws state that animal testing is banned in Australia and that products aren’t allowed to be sold if they have been tested, but manufactures don’t declare testing which happens overseas or further down the supply chain. Testing on animals is cruel and unreliable. Alternatives have been made and are much cheaper and reliable. These alternatives must be used consistently by corporations who label their product as cruelty-free.

I’m sure you don’t want consumers to be misled by corporations who label products as cruelty-free but they are actually using animals for testing. With being the corporation who makes sure all logos are official and each product is true to its advertising. Products that have unofficial logos, should not be able to be sold in Australian supermarkets. This will allow consumers to decide what product to use and know exactly which company is cruelty-free. With allowing companies to use unofficial logos it falls back on who is allowing the labelling to pass and be shown to the consumers. The labelling needs to be changed and animal testing must be stopped.

Yours Sincerely,
Jack Hughes


jack hughes

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How this will help

Having clear labelling is important for the consumers, as it will allow them to decide which product to use and which companies are cruelty-free. Consumers won't be misled by unofficial logos and...

Having clear labelling is important for the consumers, as it will allow them to decide which product to use and which companies are cruelty-free. Consumers won't be misled by unofficial logos and have an understanding about how many corporations till use animals for testing.

Signing the petition will suggest that you're agreeing to our request and that you would like clear labelling of cosmetics. Letting more people know the truth and what animals really have to go through will allow more and more people to act against the issue.

With the more names and people we can show support for the campaign against testing on animals and using unofficial logos. Signatures will show the PSA that the issue is affecting people and that it must be changed. It will influence them to make a change and agree to our requests.

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