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134 years of criminalisation!
134 years of marginalisation!
134 years of discrimination and the blatant violations of our rights!
Are we going to allow the Government and the law to continue criminalising people for loving and caring for another person of their own preference? Should sex between consenting adults be criminalised? The much-discussed Section 365 and 365A of the Sri Lankan Penal Code provide provisions to criminalise lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and even heterosexual persons for engaging in “carnal Intercourse against the order of nature” and “acts of gross indecency.”
We believe loving a person of the same sex is a person’s right. To hold on to old British Colonial laws to subjugate a community is deplorable.
The discrimination and marginalisation of the LGBTIQ community began with the introduction of the law by the British Empire over 134 years ago. According to historical records, homosexuality was not considered an unusual practice in Sri Lanka during pre-British times, unlike today.
Globally, many countries have resolved misunderstandings and misconceptions about the LGBTIQ community through legitimate dialogues and law reform. Today this community enjoys equal opportunity in their countries and equal protection under the law. Unlike these countries, Sri Lanka has failed its LGBTIQ community.
The Sri Lankan Government is signatory to 27 UN treaties and conventions. They have an obligation to adhere to international standards of Human Rights to protect and ensure personal freedoms and equality for all citizens. Arresting individuals on the assumption of sexual or gender diversity based on a law which is homophobic, archaic, and inhumane is completely unacceptable and is a blatant misuse of power.
The Sri Lankan LGBTIQ community has never demanded the unimaginable - only the right to live as equal citizens of this country. It is a simple request but one that is treated as if we are asking for the moon!
Just as it takes courage for LGBTIQ persons to be open and honest about who they are, it also takes courage to support the LGBTIQ community. Support us. Be a part of our desire to create a safe environment in Sri Lanka for a much maligned and violated minority. Sign on to this Campaign. #BeBoldForChange

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End 134 years of criminalisation of homosexuality in Sri Lanka

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