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Justice Reform - Reconciliation Nation to Nation, Sea to Sea

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Native people; men, women and youth are over-represented within the Justice System of Canada and fill up the jails

Cause; The Legislation of Poverty against Native People Canada under the Indian Act. The Indian Act itself is a violent tool of oppression and control. Then further manipulation from transferring Aboriginal Affairs profile/money to each Provincial State adding to the extreme crisis or abuses, when it concerns housing, lands, or justice. The present and existing Justice System of Canada is pushing native men, women and children through the court system and jails of Canada at an alarming rate, compared to the population size. The abuse of native peoples Canada goes beyond the Era of Residential School, today it is:

Over-represenation of Native Peoples;
1) Court processes; Native Youth, Family Courts, Adult Court
2) Foster Care under Child & Family Services Canada
3) Jails are over-represented with native peoples: Youth and Adults

It is evident that native peoples live in Poverty and are Processed through Foster Care, Youth Jail, Provincial and Federal Courts and deal with Racism from Police Officers, Social Workers, Lawyers, Crown and Court Processes; the native population is highly over-represented across North America relentlessly.

Canada must effectively and immediately remove discriminatory pactise and treatment of native children, youth and native peoples through cultural advocates that work in the best "interest" of native peoples coming into contact with child & family services, youth courts, Provincial and Federal Courts of Canada and lift the shroud of racism from case planning and process. It is impossible to gain anything positive without acknowledgement and moving toward equal justice initiatives within the jurisdiction of Native Canada and giving voice to the magnitude of statistics that adhere toward adversarial justice decision making. Lets take a good look at bridging those gaps, while we wait for Reconciliation; it can be done without hestitation right now!

Native women are invisible under existing policy and legislation of "Aboriginal" under the Indian Act.

Promote stronger assurity until Reconciliation is Established for Aboriginal children, youth, men and women being processed by any agency or government body under Justice; that they have Aboriginal cultural advocates in place working on their behalf.

Native Peoples are Human living under the Umbrella of Inhuman Policies and Pracitise within the Justice System, Child & Family Services, Foster Care, and/including the Provincial or Federal Justice Systems of Canada.

Justice and Reconciliation is Needed, Nation to Nation, Sea to Sea Now!


Cowichan Tsou'halim

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Create awareness and take a look at the Indian Act for Reconciliation Nation to Nation and Sea to Sea; the problem of poverty and native communities is man-made. Poverty promotes criminality. The...

Create awareness and take a look at the Indian Act for Reconciliation Nation to Nation and Sea to Sea; the problem of poverty and native communities is man-made. Poverty promotes criminality. The justice system is built on criminality. Transfer funds to independent teams to Work through the gargantuan research information that is badly needed for cultural intelligence, technology, culture and wisdom to bridge Justice Gaps in Canada when dealing with the native population, at every level of services. The population of native men, women and children are highly and over-represented within the Justice System of Canada, and its time to end the industry of native people and youth populating jails across Canada and employing thousands of non-native professional peoples at every level of service who have no idea about Native Culture. Isn't it time to remove the masks of racism, and work together to eliminate the huge negative impact toward native peoples of Canada. Aho


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