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Aboriginal Youth who come into Conflict with the Law for various reasons: eg.

When a Non-Aboriginal father being highly abusive and violent toward Aboriginal Mother but has a good job, family courts or police ignore the violence and abuses toward the mother, in which the Aboriginal child experiences, or see's first hand - but because the father has a good job and what appears to be a good home. Yet, there can be violence behind those doors. Aboriginal children may become beaten by his father and stepmother, and cops do nothing. Eventually, the child may run to the streets, leaving the abusive household for the sake of survival. He comes into conflict with the law. Justice Reform is needed for Aboriginal Children and Youth suffering under decisions made by judges in family courts that leads up to a disastrous journey of survival on the streets. Family courts view a Non-Aboriginal fathers in family courts as being the best parent, over an Aboriginal mother today.

An Aboriginal Youth will commit crimes for survival because of poverty. Not because he was a bad person or a criminal; the Aboriginal Youth will take risks for survival. Aboriginal Youth need your help for Justice Reform and Reconciliation.

Its just taking so long for Dr. Bennett to make serious decision for children and youth while Aboriginal Youth are suffering in jail, or decisions made in a Patriarchy Family Court Process. Jail and courts make Aboriginal Youth feel the lowest. Lets stop the failure's of the past decision makers and make it right for Aboriginal Children and Youth today.

1) Reform family courts, and culturally assess the needs of the children or youth for short-term and long-term goals, rather than who has the better job and remove factors of racist decisions from judges.

Aboriginal children and youth are intelligent, loving, kind and respectful. Family courts and teachers failed them. A non-Aboriginal father can become highly volatile and verbally abusive toward Aboriginal child. Those children need your help! Those Aboriginal Youth children suffer daily, and their mothers love them; family courts need an Aboriginal Court Workers across Canada to Protect their Interest. Courts move systemically move away from cultural sensitivity and cultural rights of that child in family courts. The family courts are highly racist and discriminatory toward Aboriginal Mothers. You help us change that, with your support.
2) End the patriarchal process in family courts
3) Reform for Youth Justice - Assess the needs of Aboriginal Children in Family Courts and Youth Conflict with the Law that is Culturally Appropriate for the child or youth prior to decision making or sentencing
4) Culturally appropriate advocacy for Aboriginal Youth, and intervention needs, because Aboriginal Youth become highly depressed in jail or become lost in the correctional system and forgotten
5) Foster stronger partnerships with Aboriginal band, Metis nation, and Inuit, for a collaborative approach that includes connections with the Aboriginal family and community at a local/band level to establish a foundation of problematic areas to effectively take action and work through for the best interest of the children or youth.
6) Monitoring police intervention; for child and family services and Aboriginal Youth in conflict with the law
7) Hire Aboriginal advocates across all levels of the court system: In the Best Interest of Aboriginal children or youth
8) To establish stronger agreements between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Governments, and move away from Structural Racism, Discrimination, and Sexism. Include Aboriginal Mothers to have a voice for the best interest of the Aboriginal child or youth, without sexism!
9) Investment to Aboriginal Youth programs that address the complex needs of young people who are at risk; poverty is not a crime but when youth are forced into survival mode they make decisions which bring them into conflict. Funding is there, divert to Aboriginal Children & Youth Reconciliation to end Institutionalization and Industry of Aboriginal Children/Youth Canada.
10) End the depression and suicide of Aboriginal Youth, by supporting Kai's Campaign for Justice and Reconciliation. Why is it, that our social problems are researched by Non-Aboriginal Researchers whom make serious life-changing decisions for our children and youth under the Government of Canada? Suicide is prevalent amongst Aboriginal Youth, because they are ignored when it comes to professional employment and agencies. Let us end systemic racism, and reform the justice system together.
10) Its time to end the suicidal issues were facing as a nation of people - our youth want to commit suicide in jail. We love them, we care for them, and we want them home now. Please help, support and care - because all professional people have lost their heart in the work they do, and our children, mothers and families are losing our youth to suicide. Help, Support, and Give Voice to Aboriginal Children & Youth becoming processed in Family Courts and coming into Conflict with the Law.

We are finished with Residential School and this is the After-Math of Residential Schools, and Conflict experienced within Child & Family Services, Family Laws, and Youth Conflict. Seeking the Best Interest of the Aboriginal Child and Youth, through the court system, youth courts, and serious Aboriginal Advocating for Children & Youth, that is Culturally Specific to them and their identity when being processed. Giving Voice to Aboriginal Mothers and Aboriginal cultural case-workers are needed immediately! Its a desperate situation for Aboriginal Youth and Children! Its beyond a social crisis, it's a failure across the different levels of the justice system.


Cowichan Tsou'halim

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How this will help

Kai's campaign and support would mean a world of difference to many Aboriginal Children, Youth and Families. Aboriginal Youth experience isolation, loneliness, become separated with their cultural...

Kai's campaign and support would mean a world of difference to many Aboriginal Children, Youth and Families. Aboriginal Youth experience isolation, loneliness, become separated with their cultural and spiritual needs and supportive agents, and experience dis-connection. It would change an Aboriginal Child & Youth's life if he was to remain in his mother's care - and follow a Matriarchal Rule of Parenting, rather than Patriarchal Rules of Family Laws.  Aboriginal families need stronger culturally appropriate intervention and supports, rather than barriers today. Your support means everything to Aboriginal Children and Youth right now! 


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