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The Hon. Andrew Constance, NSW Transport Minister, Transport for NSW and NSW Government

Re-open the 30 kilometres of currently unused rail line from Casino - Lismore and extent the existing Casino XPT service to Lismore City for the benefit of the young, elderly, tourists and those wishing to travel between areas in a safe and a more environmentally friendly way. This would mean residents of Lismore could travel by train directly (no need for connection busses) to Coffs Harbour, Grafton, Taree, and the suburbs of Sydney. Residents could also travel to Kyogle and Brisbane by rail without the need to wait and change for a coach service.

The City of Lismore is a major regional NSW city. It's population being 30,000+ and growing rapidly. Lismore is part of the Casino - Murwillumbah rail line, services on which were suspended in 2004. The line connected Lismore, Byron Bay, Bangalow, Mullumbimby and Murwillumbah plus everywhere in between.

However since 2004, the Northern Rivers region has relied heavily on road based transport such as cars and busses. This has left the usually bad roads even worse, with local councils struggling to maintain these roads and keep all at a respectable level. This means the cost to maintain the roads not only soars, but the cost for road users associated with suspension and repairs for damage inflicted by the roads also heightens.

Lismore is the biggest city in the Northern Rivers region, and the rail service replacement busses operating out of the former railway station to the Casino Railway Station on the NSW North Coast Line are often always full as there is a real demand for a Casino - Lismore connection.

It makes logical sense to connect a major city such as Lismore with a rail service, especially when the existing rail line is in very good condition, with little work needed to get it to mainline condition and the existing bus services are operating near full, and usage could be dramatically increased with the convenience and luxury of a train.

With the 2018 Commonwealth Games rapidly approaching, this could be a lifesaver to local roads as the forecasted traffic for the region will be horrendous. To re-open this line would only take months, not years as we already have the infrastructure which only is in need of some small upgrades to be back in action.

The prospect of a rail service along the line means the tracks are safeguarded and, should a group or organisation see fit, the tracks along with the wider rail line could easily be used for local commuter rail shuttles.


Wayne Brown

How this will help

  • Extension of existing rail service, the Casino XPT
  • Connection of major population growth centre
  • Easy and convenient means of transport
  • Direct Means of transport to wider New South Wales and...
  • Extension of existing rail service, the Casino XPT
  • Connection of major population growth centre
  • Easy and convenient means of transport
  • Direct Means of transport to wider New South Wales and areas such as Sydney and Brisbane for otherwise immobilised youth and other residents
  • Gateway to wider Northern Rivers - Byron Bay, Nimbin, Ballina, Lennox Head,Mullumbimby etc.
  • Protect and use of the heritage Lismore railway station, a building currently in beautiful condition and ready to be used as a railway station again (currently no need for restoration as NSW TrainLink travel centre previously occupying the station closed July last year)
  • Protection of a heritage rail line that serviced the region for over 100 years.
  • Use of an existing asset and infrastructure rather than let it decay
  • Take pressure off the roads with people getting out of cars and onto trains.
  • Jobs and employment created at Lismore railway station and other roles
  • Transport for everyone - The young, elderly and tourists can use the service.
  • Economic Benefits - Lismore City will benefit from increased accessibility


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