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Dianne Feinstein, United States Senator for California

Dear Senator Feinstein:
Your recent support of President Barack Hussein Obama's UN abstention and one-sided resolution against Israel is further backstabbing of Israel, and completely ignores facts and history. I am ashamed, as a member of the tribe, as a Jew, that you expressed your support for such blatant and intentional effort to undermine Israel. You, of all people, should know history, and should know that Israeli governments have more than bent over to get an agreement with the so-called Palestinians under various US presidents. It is appalling to me that you would support such blatant attack on Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, and not address the very key element of Israel's argument that, in order to start the process, the so-called Palestinians must recognize the Jewish state. After all, how can any party negotiate with another party when it does not recognize the existence of its counterparty?

When was the last time the UN discussed the conflict between India and Pakistan about Kashmir, let alone pass a resolution about it condemning one country or the other, de-legitimizing each county, and erasing history? Both sides have a stake to the territory as both were the same country not that long ago. The UN would never dare, yet Israel is constantly attacked by the UN for doing things on its own rightful land including in Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel. Even President Barack Hussein Obama said in 2008 that Jerusalem is and always will be the undivided capital of Israel. Now that he no longer needs the Jewish vote and money, he proclaims the division of Jerusalem with spiteful exuberance.

In contrast to Kashmir, there was never a sovereign place called Palestine. The Oslo Agreement in 1992 has put Israel on the path of recognizing something that never existed, and, as a result, have brought terrorists organization like the PLO, Hamas, and Fatah into Israel territories, like Judea and Samara. You know, Judea where the term Jew cames from. Israel is not an occupier. It is building on lands that belong to Israel, historical, biblical, factual. For you to support this move by President Barack Hussein Obama's administration and your support of the Palestinians that allegedly were "kicked off their lands", as you wrote in your terse statement on December 23, 2016, represents a hateful, one-sided effort to undermine Israel.

Would the president have done the same thing if Hillary Clinton had won? I know that he would have not, as she would have kept his policies forward. President Barack Hussein Obama's latest UN move and Kerry's speech were a petty and deliberate damaging action to undermine incoming President Trump and to get back at Israel and its leadership for its disagreements over the last 8 years.

Furthermore, this rogue action by the US administration drastically deviated from the strong bond the US had with Israel for the last 68 years. You and others like you shall not succeed in undermining Israel. We will continue to fight any other member of congress and any other entity who is going to undermine Israel. The damage to Israel that you contributed to by supporting President Barack Hussein Obama will be a part of your blemished legacy as it will be on his.


Eyal Dunkel

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History cannot be disputed. Unfortunately, since the Oslo Agreement of 1992, the truth has been blemished and re-written about Israel and the history of the land. We must correct the lack of...

History cannot be disputed. Unfortunately, since the Oslo Agreement of 1992, the truth has been blemished and re-written about Israel and the history of the land. We must correct the lack of education by many people about Israel and the so-called Palestinian people.


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