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Governor Chris Christie

Governor Christie,

Pedals the bear was a loved member of the community in Northern New Jersey. Because of injuries suffered early in life to his front legs, Pedals could not walk on all four legs--a tragedy that made him even more adorable and relatable to all of us. It also made him an internet sensation.

In spite of that, a hunter in New Jersey was able to legally assassinate Pedals once black bear hunting season began. To make matters worse, this hunter had a countdown to killing Pedals on a Facebook page, and you still did nothing to prevent his death.

We demand that black bear hunting in New Jersey be banned immediately.

Do the right thing, Governor Christie.


Stop Animal Cruelty

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Black bear hunting is legal in 27 states even though they have killed only 61 people since 1900. A pet dog is more likely to kill you than a black bear. Hunting them is a cruel practice that must end.


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