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Say no to hunting of songbirds in Norway!

BirdLife Norway are deeply worried about the slaughter of migratory birds in Europe. Many of the birds that lose their lives in southern Europe are Norwegian birds. And now the authorities in Norway are proposing to start hunting of both Song Thrushes and Blackbirds. BirdLife Norway has started a petition against this proposal, and the petition will be handed over to the authorities in August. Support our campaign by signing the petition!

There are many reasons why such a hunting proposal must not become a reality, and there are no good grounds to start hunting of these species. These birds have little flesh, and one would need to kill at least four thrushes to provide one meal portion. There is little tradition for this type of hunting in Norway. Most people like to see Blackbirds, which are regular visitors to bird tables. Song Thrushes liven up spring evenings with their beautiful song. Why shoot birds with such fantastic intrinsic values, whose very presence fills us with joy?

Hunting of two other thrush species, Redwing and Fieldfare, is currently permitted in Norway. BirdLife Norway are striving to have these removed from the list of quarry species. And now there are moves to hunt two new songbird species. This is a move in the wrong direction. Banning hunting of thrushes in Norway, would mean a ban on hunting of songbirds in the country. Hunting of species with sustainable populations and which are a valuable source of food is acceptable. Hunting is for provision of food, and not a form of sport. Hunters and tourists in southern Europe engage in songbird hunting as a hobby, and can use hunting of thrushes as an excuse for extensive hunting of protected songbirds. By looking at the situation in many European countries, we have good reasons to be cautious. Norwegian hunters can easily misidentify many of our small birds and there is a real high.

Our migrant birds face many dangers. Around the Mediterranean alone 25 million birds are illegally shot and trapped – every year! BirdLife Norway hope to stop hunting of songbirds both nationally and internationally. Blackbirds and Song Thrushes must not become legal quarry in Norway.

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Norsk Ornitologisk Forening

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