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Thank you for listening to the concerns from coastal communities and thousands of people nationwide by removing the Atlantic coast from the proposed five-year program for oil and gas leasing. This is a welcome move, but offshore drilling does not pass the 'climate test' you pledged for the Arctic, and new offshore drilling anywhere threatens the climate. In order to curb runaway climate change and join in the global effort to restrict climate change to less than 1.5 degrees, we MUST keep fossil fuels in the ground.

To that end, I'm asking you to remove the Arctic and Gulf coasts from the proposed five-year program for oil and gas leasing.

In addition to the negative climate effects, coastal communities and wildlife are threatened by these drilling plans. Livelihoods rooted in tourism, fishing, and other coastal activities could be harmed from seismic testing and oil leaks. Furthermore, seismic testing for oil and gas will injure wildlife, emitting blasts loud enough to deafen or kill whales and dolphins.

Please protect our climate and our coasts by leaving fossil fuels in the ground and stopping new drilling prospects off the Arctic and Gulf of Mexico.



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The Obama administration is accepting public comments on the proposal to open up new areas to drilling off our coasts. Submit your comment today!


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