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Judge Garland is HOSTILE to the Second Amendment! His record on the Second Amendment is unacceptable, plain and simple. Every time he had an opportunity to rule in favor of Second Amendment rights, he chose not to. Judge Gardland...

Supports a Handgun Ban
The Federal Appeals Court let stand a ruling that struck down a restrictive D.C. gun ban -- but Garland voted to reconsider the issue

Supports a National Gun Registry
Ruled in favor of the federal government retaining Americans’ personal information gathered during background checks for firearms purchases.

With this nomination, President Obama is hoping Garland will act according to his anti-gun beliefs, and the anti-gun beliefs of Hillary Clinton – his preferred successor. We must do everything we can to prevent Garland from joining the Supreme Court, and filling the seat left vacant by Justice Scalia. We can’t afford another anti-gun Supreme Court justice!


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Tell the Senate to neither hold a hearing nor hold a vote for Merrick Garland! We must demand a Supreme Court justice who will defend our gun rights!


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