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Since centuries, humans have used wild Animals for their egocentric want for entertainment. Ignoring nature’s decision for wild Animals to be free and that they were born to be in the wild , as much as humans forgot their own basic nature of compassion and care for nature and its inhabitants.
We were created superior to love and protect the wild Animals and ensure they belonged in their own zone, their own home, in the wild, amidst nature and not in any circus to entertain and crave for human applause.
Even in 20th century, we carry the same barbaric act. How can we say, we have evolved? When our actions reflect a primitive behavior.

So many, wild Animals mothers are hunted and killed so their offspring’s can be brought into circuses to be tortured, starved, treated in a worse possible manner, so they can learn to obey the trainers and perform in circuses. The poor Animal’s act, not because they want to, it’s the fear that humans built in their minds over the years with their lashes of whips, which makes the poor Animals go against their basic nature and act as slaves to the humans whips and commands. Their living conditions are detrimental and deplorable; also they’re not provided enough food and medical care.

So many wild Animals die due to such conditions, some are even killed cause of their old age and lack of stealth, and if that’s not enough, the ones who’re killed, their fur is sold to merchants for extra income.
When we take away even one wild animal away from its home, it’s natural habitat, it’s an act against Mother Nature and an disrespect to God’s creation.

We put those beautiful Animals through so much pain, horror and humiliation, just for the sake of our entertainment purpose. This is pure kidnapping and trafficking of these beautiful creatures, stolen away from their sole right of freedom. We humans call kidnapping and trafficking an offensive crime when it is one of our own who has been taken away and put to manual labor or for the use of entertainment for others in captivity.

How is this different then? Why is it different? Cause we humans have a voice? And we can speak out our rights or what’s unfair and a crime? And, just cause these wild Animals can’t express their pain and fear through a language we understand, is it ok to treat them as objects or showpieces for entertainment?


Sergio Barbesta

How this will help

Pain and tears don't have language barriers, and who else apart from we as humans would know better? So, why can't we understand the pain and tears of the wild Animals that need our compassion...

Pain and tears don't have language barriers, and who else apart from we as humans would know better? So, why can't we understand the pain and tears of the wild Animals that need our compassion and protection? We are their voice.

Look at this exclusive video:

We can and should rise up to speak for them.

Today, we all should stand for the freedom of all the wild Animals all over the world, who are in captivity and used as objects of entertainment.

Just like us, God too created them, with the same love and for a reason. We have no right to take away their families, their homes and certainly, we have no right to take away their right to live freely.

Many might think, after so many years in captivity, how those Animals can survive in the wild. The answer to that is, there are many Animal care and protection sanctuaries and organizations who take in such Animals and help in their reformation and give them love and take care of them. And for some Animals who are young are set free in the wild after they're properly trained and reformed and set free in the wild after thorough evaluations.

If we still believe, we are Humans, and our basic nature is compassion towards all living being and to especially protect Animals who can't speak nor protect themselves. So let us all come together in this mission to free all the wild Animals from the circuses from all over the world.

Only then can we call ourselves Humans in the true sense.

Our voices are their freedom!

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Written by AnimalsTrust Indian Ambassador Ms. Ropali Pagare

Thank you!


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