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Save the Mediterranean Sea from Coastal Waste Dumping in Lebanon

The Lebanese government decided on March 12, 2016 to:
-Open 3 dumps along the Mediterranean coast to dispose of more than 2,400 tons of municipal solid waste per day.
-Reopen the Naameh Landfill for the dumping of more than 400,000 tons of uncollected solid waste, and continue throwing its untreated leachate in the Mediterranean sea.

Lebanon Eco Movement (LEM), an alliance of 60+ Lebanese environmental associations, urges the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) to carry out its function in the framework of the implementation of Barcelona convention which aims at:
-Assessing and controlling pollution
-Carrying out the sustainable management of natural marine and coastal resources
-Integrating the environment into economic and social development
-Protecting the marine environment and coastal regions through action aimed at preventing and reducing pollution and, as far as possible, eliminating it, whether it is due to activities on land or at sea
-Protecting natural and cultural heritage
-Strengthening solidarity between countries bordering the Mediterranean
-Contributing to improving quality of life.

Lebanon Eco Movement presented to the waste crisis ministerial committee on March 7, 2016 an alternative sustainable solution, based on the waste management hierarchy and the recommendations of the "Waste Crisis Rescue Congress" held on March 5, 2016.

We the undersigned demand from UNEP to stop the Lebanese Government from polluting the Mediterranean Sea with the leachate thrown in the sea and the landfills set up along the shore and urge the Lebanese Government to implement sustainable solutions for solid waste management in Lebanon.


Lebanon Eco Movement

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How this will help

We expect that all countries of the Mediterranean and UNEP will stop the Lebanese government polluting the sea and force the government to implement sustainable solutions for solid waste management in Lebanon.  


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