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Dear Richard Di Natale,
Australia has a major problem with deforestation and we have lost at least 40% of all forests around the country. There must be laws put in place to stop or majorly decrease the number of forests being destroyed. Southeast Queensland has some beautiful forests and extraordinary views, it would be a great loss if these forests became subject to another wrong decision.

No more forests must be cut down for agriculture. Agriculture is a problem because of the resulting soil pollution and erosion. Soil pollution is caused from soil erosion, as the top layer of the soil erodes away, it carries all the pesticides and chemicals with it to other areas and waterways, just making a huge mess of pollution. As soil needs trees and plant roots to hold it all in place, as soon as we remove that, the soil becomes loose and runs away. We are actually making the whole area useless for any type of farming once the soil has no structure to it.

Laws must be stricter about where farmers are allowed to plant crops and keep grazing animals. Farmers must not use unnecessary land and learn to reuse land.
These restrictions must be put in place otherwise we could lose our beautiful forests forever, and worse, loose the animals that live in them too. Extinction rates for both plant and animal are 1000% times higher than they should be. The more forests we cut down, the more animals we lose when, farm animals overrun the native animals, and they are left without a home and they die.

If people can take action and follow new laws that you can put in place, Australia will benefit from this greatly. Once people start helping the environment, animal numbers will increase and extinction rates in Australia will decrease as there will be less threat to our environments and ecosystems.

This should be a priority as extinction is a major issue and it has dire effects for the ecosystems. Even if one type animal is removed from a location the whole food chain and the environment in that area will be thrown off course. Deforestation and agriculture are the main leaders to this, causing animals extinction. This needs to stop.

Yours sincerely,
Philip Antonini


Philip Antonini

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requested this because if nothing is done about deforestation or the extinction of animals, the whole earth will be in trouble. One because forests are made up of different trees and plants,...


requested this because if nothing is done about deforestation or the extinction of animals, the whole earth will be in trouble. One because forests are made up of different trees and plants, these flora produce breathable oxygen for humans and animals to breath. Not having different animals to control each other's numbers, there can be overpopulation of just a few animals. This is very bad for the food chain as these animals eat the same sorts of food making it harder for other species to survive.

The person I chose to write to is in a good position to make a change as he is a part of the government. He, Richard Di Natale is also the leader of the Greens Party. This puts him in a very good position to make, and suggest ideas to make Australia a more sustainable country.

Having many people read and like my petition will make the Greens Party Leader, Richard would feel guilty if he does nothing about it. If people realise he has seen it, and he does nothing, people will no longer support him. I believe he will make an effort to change things and maybe introduce new laws to stop deforestation. We need to stop mass deforestation and the extinction of animals.

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