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Attorney General, District Attorney Fort Worth, Haslet Sheriffs Department, Humane Society North Texas

To whom this may concern,
As a community of dedicated animal advocates, activists and rescuers, we sign this petition with regards of seeking that you as an official or that of an authority figure do what is best for the animals in the community.
By restricting, Ms. Broeckers access to any animal she may come across, by prohibiting her from pulling, adopting or otherwise obtaining companions from the Fort Worth and surrounding area shelters.
We the undersign encourage the authorities to do their job, by investigating this issue and hearing out those who have made full reports since 2010 to now in 2016.

We urge said authorities to protect all life that includes taking these animal abuse complaints seriously. All Life Matters including the four furry-legged kind. Ignoring this issue will cause an increase of animals disappearing, dumped at shelters to be euthanized and or killed within her care because of her negligence.

We propose you conduct a full investigation into her parents residency and at Ms. Broeckers own apartment residency.
We propose and suggest that you send her to get a full psychological evaluation to ensure without a doubt that she does in fact suffer from “Autism/Asperger”. (otherwise she is just scamming the government as well)
We propose for you to confiscate said animals, and allocate them into No-Kill shelters/Rescues who are well equipped to deal with, Blind, Deaf or paralyzed dogs and cats. Who are also well equipped to handle 30 or so animals confiscated off her property or parents property.

We are here seeking justice for the animals in her care presently and in the future. We are here seeking justice for those who have lost their lives. We are here willing to work with the community and authority officials to see that Ms. Broecker does not obtain another animal in her care.

Please bare in mind if we did not consider this an issue, the petition would have never been made. Yet when we are presented with over 30 animals lives lost and photographs of the negligence.

We are only left with questions of why no one did anything back then - when it was reported the first go around.

Will you continue to be complicit or will you take action this time and be the change needed.


Mary Robbins

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How this will help

Signing this petition will gain a foothold with those who can take action and see that Ms. Broecker is fully investigated with a thorough psychological evaluation to debunk or prove her condition. 

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