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Rod Sims

We the undersigned demand that our food products are clearly labelled so that we know what foods are factory farmed or free range.

The reason why food products need to be clearly labelled is because the food that are made in factory farms is because worldwide about 70 billion farm animals are now reared for food each year and 2 in 3 of all of the animals are now factory farmed these farms cause a large percentage of co2 and methane gas each year, these animals are squashed into small cages, the chickens have their beaks cut off so they don’t not pluck their feathers from all the stress and they pump all these animals full of anti-biotic. and this is not fair for the animals but they are destroying habitats for other animals and they are destroying the planet with all the co2 and methane .

What needs to be done is all the food needs labelled so people can make their own choices.
Having it clearly labelled will cause people to choose between factory farmed or free range and if any of these people have even half a continence they will probably choose free range, free range foods bring a number of benefits one being the health benefits with factory farmed foods the animals are given anti-biotics to “help” the grow faster and in some cases these anti-biotics can stay in the animal and when we eat them goes into our system.

Things need to change and they need to change because the animals are being treated in a horrific manner just because they are animals doesn’t mean they should be injected with antibiotics, stuffed into cages, in some cases starved, chickens get their beaks cut off just so they don’t pluck their feathers and stops cannibalism which is cause due to large amount of chickens and small amount of room. But that’s only what is happening to the animals factory farms produce 37% methane gas emissions which has 20 times the global warming potential then carbon dioxide. Not only do they produce ridiculous amounts of methane gas but they also globally, deforestation for animal grazing and feed crops is estimated to emit 2.4 billion tons of CO2 every year.
Your organisation will be judged on its ability to help these poor animals. We urge you to clearly label food products Obviously it is time that action is take

We trust that you will act promptly on this matter.


Jordan Chaffey

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How this will help

This patition will help by informing people that what factory farming is and how bad it is


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