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Forward post from Graham Jones MP:
Save Crossroads Hyndburn (Home for homeless young people) from the cuts... Lodge your objection... link at the bottom

Lancashire County Council have continued to face an unprecedented financial challenge and need to make savings of £262m.

They have said that the council will not have sufficient financial resources to continue to fund supported housing projects such as Crossroads Hyndburn after March 2017. It helps house homeless Hyndburn youngsters from broken families aged between 15 and 18 years.

Can you remember what it was like to be that age and would any of us feel if our parents were terrible uncaring individuals and we found ourselves very lonely and worse, with no place to call to home.

Crossroads Hyndburn not only rehouses these Hyndburn youngsters and rebuilds their lives.

Read Amy Wynne's story.

This is devastating news.Young people typically find themselves facing homelessness through no fault of their own. As a society I feel we owe them a safety net by offering them a safe place to stay and the support that they need. During the last year Crossroads have accommodated and supported 51 young people, over half of which have been 16 and 17yrs.

Lancashire County Council are now consulting on Cabinet's policy decisions and the budget proposals please may I ask you to click on the link below to enable you to put forward your thoughts on this decision.

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Lisa Michelle Bloor

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How this will help

Please fill in the objection and ask Lancashire county council not to cut funding to crossroads home for young people. It's a vital service that needs our support to stay open. 

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