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U.S. Product Manufacturers

Dear U.S. Company:

We are the consumers. We buy the products made of toxic petrochemicals that you are manufacturing outside America's borders. We want you to consider biomaterials for the products you manufacture. We believe by agreeing to purchase biomaterials and biochemicals, and our agreement to buy the products your company provides using biomaterials; we can create a new economy.

We ask that you commit to purchasing bamboo and hemp fibers, and chemicals. We ask that you sign an agreement stating if bamboo and hemp fibers are available at a lower cost than materials you are currently using; you will purchase hemp and bamboo fibers.

Your commitment eliminates speculation, as our commitment to you does the same. No guessing. With your commitment Finance Industries, NGO's, Non Profits will see opportunity funding hemp and bamboo supply chains. It is our hope you will see the same opportunity in our commitment to buy the products you make using hemp and bamboo.

1. The chemicals contained in the toxic products you are selling are causing damage to our health, the environment, and our future.
2. Your company has limited options to maintain profits, and manufacture products.
3. There are lower cost options to replace the toxic chemicals being used in the products you sell to consumers.

Let's work together to solve these two problems simultaneously. We the consumer, offer a deal you cannot refuse!

IF you (U.S. Company) agree to buy lower cost biomaterials for use in the manufacturing of your products and promise to build factories here with the savings, we the consumer will buy those products!

We are convinced with this upfront promise you will be given the incentive to change resources that will save us and this planet.We make this offer in good faith that you will make the commitments necessary for your company to stop killing us with toxic petrochemicals, and rebuild the middle class responsible for your success.

We are also convinced if your competitor agrees and you do not; we will stop buying your products.


Eric Stevens

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How this will help

We are the Foundation for a Bioeconomy . We are not an Environmental Movement. Yet we will save the planet. We are not a human relief effort, Yet together we can alleviate poverty, famine, and...

We are the Foundation for a Bioeconomy . We are not an Environmental Movement. Yet we will save the planet. We are not a human relief effort, Yet together we can alleviate poverty, famine, and create a prosperous new economy. 

We are an Economic Movement that provides the one crucial element missing to the strategy against Fossil Fuels. An economically viable alternative to fossil fuels.

The Foundation provides a way forward  through Industrial Evolution via a bioeconomy founded on Bamboo and Hemp, Two plants that create a complementary relationship equal to Oil and Coal. Two plants serving a billion dollar market in the United States today selling only a handful of products  with the potential to fulfill over 25,000 uses across petrochemical, steel, and pharmaceutical industries. 

Two plants that grow everywhere creating local supply chains  complemented by international plantations supplying fibers to American Factories building American Products with American Labor.

It all begins with a game, a signature, and a pledge.

We are introducing a radical new strategy that has taken us over 4 years to prepare for the public. We have sites packed with videos, third party research, and opportunities to participate in the coming Evolution. The Resources, The technology, and the ability to organize. The Power to Create Change.

We Change the Strategy:

After 34 years of fighting, an end to fossil fuels is nowhere in sight. We have accomplished higher prices partially due to the legislation and banned projects against fossil fuels. Picket signs have not stopped fossil fuels. Why?

PROFIT. That is also why your donations have failed to fix these problems. Protests, and campaigns are NOT profitable. The organizations hosting the disruption are not profitable. No one makes money on your outrage with one ironic exception. The resources that spark  the protests.

We empower the consumer to create change. We introduce an economic movement with environmental benefits. We rebuild the middle class, alleviate poverty, and promote global trade without sacrificing the environment or public. 

We can do all of this by changing the resources we manufacture products with and making you aware of the power of protest through to ensure big business supports it. All of us can simply boycott fossil fuel products. However, we must first build cost effective alternatives to compete with fossil fuels, or we will be stuck in that area that where passion isn't enough to compete with profit. Few will give up their toxic Iphones, or plastic bottles for change without an affordable substitute. 

This is where it starts. An offer to U.S. Manufacturers that demands the development of biomaterials together with a promise for profit IF they agree. Some will agree, some will not. Those that do agree provide business a way to start the hemp and bamboo farms that lead to biomaterials manufacturing in the United States.

It's a simple guarantee that states if we the people support the action and legislation to start a bioeconomy, and the manufacturer agree to buy biomaterials instead of petrochemicals at a lower cost we will buy the products you make.

What else can I do?

1. Watch the Industrial Evolution Series. 4 parts - 15 minutes. Make time for change. 

2. I.E.: Fund the Game. Fund the Future: As part of our efforts to debut the Industrial Evolution via a Bioeconomy we created The BioEconomy Game : the Monopoly Game where EVERYONE WINS made of bamboo and hemp. We need your help in building the inventory to distribute the game both domestically and internationally.

3. Sign up on our Foundation website and get the latest news, products, and plantation updates from the Evolution!

4. Educate Yourself : See the many dangers in today's consumer products, and the lack of transparency in what products are made of.

5. Educate Others: Share our media. We have tons of vids, memes, and infographics to share on social media. The Evolution will need your help.

6. #Keekchange : Send us 36 seconds of video featuring what you want to change, and we'll include it our #calloutthecandidate campaign launching next year.

7. Be an #endsetter!: Read The Evolution Magazine. End fossil fuels in your life and envision the future. The Bioeconomy introduces new materials, and new opportunities for the Entrepreneur, Product Inventor, or the next Shell Oil. Where will you make your fortune and save the world at the same time?

8. Get Involved!:  Visit more ways you can help as Business, Government, Nonprofits, and Farmers!

9. Get Ready!: We are just getting started. With the finalization of equity Crowdfunding rules known as the JOBS Act, there will new opportunities. We work with Government and business to put together immediate action plans establishing public/private partnerships you can own. Get your plans ready. The next Mogul could be you. 

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