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The Ford Parkway area of St. Paul, MN (Highland Park, near the old Ford site) is in need of a community dog park for not only dogs, but their owners to socialize and excercise. Currently, there are no dog parks in walking distance. The closest one on Randolph would be over an hour walk. This is not convenient for people with dogs who live in the Cleveland Hi-Rise area, especially for those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise don't have access to a vehicle. Support is needed from the community to make the dog park happen. Also, land, funding, etc. is needed.

This petition will accompany a proposal to St. Paul Parks and Recreation, and help in writing a clear, concise, and effective proposal is necessary. For information regarding St. Paul parks, there is currently a comprehensive vision and system plan that identifies service gaps and need for new publicly owned amenities in certain areas based on existing park amenities. These plans can be found on this website:

Please sign the petition today. Your support is greatly appreciated.

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The Highland District Council is holding a meeting to discuss redeveloping the Ford Site. This is a great opportunity to propose a dog park, the more support given, the better the chances of making this dream a reality.

If you are able to attend, please do so.

WHAT: Ford Site Redevelopment- Summary 2015 and Next Steps

WHEN:December 1, 2015 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

WHERE Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 700 Snelling Ave S., St Paul, MN 55116

View the meeting website here


Mindy Johnson

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How this will help

 Support is necessary to show that there is an interest and definite need for an off-leash community dog park in the area, the more people sign, the more weight the proposal to Saint Paul Parks and Recreation will carry.

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