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Attention Facebook:

As an animal protector I am shocked and appalled that the "Euthanize ALL Dogs, Save our Children” page has been allowed to remain up. Please remove this page that encourages the abuse, and killing of innocent dogs. Animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states and is not tolerated and allowing this type of page to continue is promoting and encouraging abuse and death of innocent, voiceless animals.

Animal hate pages need to be removed and blocked from Facebook. It is a proven fact that people that hate and harm animals eventually hate and harm humans. Children that learn to harm animals proceed to injuring people as well. This page is filled with hate, pictures of abuse, and false information.
These types of animal hate pages are dangerous to the animals, including the human kind. In addition, this page CLEARLY threatening, violent, full of graphic violence, and a credible threat of violence to innocent animals.

Facebook please do the right thing remove this horrendous page!

Here is the page, judge for yourselves…

Advocates for the Voiceless


Teresa Catalina Rodriguez

This petition closed over 4 years ago

How this will help

The intent of this petition is to bring attention to a Facebook page promoting the killing and abuse of dogs.  Despite the thousands of complaints made against the page, it remains up and something needs to be done.  


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