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Film footage, photography and interviews with meat and fur industry employees are documenting regularly that animals are routinely being scalded, skinned, crushed and dismembered while still alive and conscious, on a daily basis across the country. The United States Department of Agriculture was made aware of these violations of the "Humane Slaughter Act" when it was given copies of the Humane Farming Association's Chief Investigator's, (Gail Eisnitz) book "Slaughterhouse", which documents meat industry abuses. The abuses continue to be ongoing and documented.


Kiki Eis

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The USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack,  needs to hear from you now. Call him today at (202) 720-3631 or (202) 720-2791. Fax him at (202) 720-2166 and e-mail him at [email protected]., and write to him at:...

The USDA Secretary, Tom Vilsack,  needs to hear from you now. Call him today at (202) 720-3631 or (202) 720-2791. Fax him at (202) 720-2166 and e-mail him at [email protected]., and write to him at: USDA, Room 200A, Whitten Bldg. 1400 Independence Avenue, Washington, D.C. 20250. Please see below for a suggested form letter you can use, and mail or email it to the United States Department of Agriculture. You can also edit or refer to it to write your own letter.

By signing this petition, you are committing to endorsing and support enforcing "The Humane Slaughter Act". You are agreeing to not support the heinous practices of factory farms, as well as fur  trapping and fur farming. In signing this petition you also commit to researching the truth behind the horrendous practice of fur trapping that ends up in clothing in retail stores. You are pledging to boycott these industries and to finding other alternatives, such as organic farming and going fur-free. Becoming vegetarian, or at least cutting down on meat consumption, is also an alternative. You will spread the word to others about the horrors of factory farming.

It is suggested that you contact The Humane Farming Association, P.O. Box 3577, San Rafael, California 94912,   (415) 485-1495, (WWW.HFA.ORG), The Animal Protection Institute (all are on the internet). FactoryFarming. com,,  and In Defense of Animals are very informative resources as well. You can order a free kit from The Humane Farming Association has leaflets to hand out at stores and restaurants for boycotting veal, as well as other worthy campaigns. There are alternatives to factory farming, which is not only inhumane, but is damaging the environment and peoples' morale.

Please write today to the current U.S. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack; USDA, Room 200-A; Whitten Bldg.; 1400 Independence Avenue; Washington, DC 20250. Suggested Language Below: (and you can email him at:  [email protected]) --

Dear Secretary Vilsack:

Count me among the many thousands of people writing in support of the Humane Farming Association's (HFA) petition to your agency which documented widespread slaughterhouse abuses. I urge you to take immediate action to enforce the Humane Slaughter Act and to stop the well-documented slaughterhouse atrocities taking place in slaughterhouses across the country. The USDA's non-enforcement of federal law is a violation of public trust and is condemning millions of animals to suffer torturous deaths. It is not only inhumane that farm animals suffer needlessly, but it is harmful to public morale. Please use your authority to implement reforms for the humane treatment of farm animals everywhere.


(your name)

You can also telephone a polite message for him of your support of the humane treatment of farm animals and the enforcement of the Humane Slaughter Act at:  (202) 720-3631 or (202) 720-2791. Fax him at (202) 720-2166 and e-mail him at [email protected].


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