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Governor John Kasich and Chief Scott Zody, with the Ohio Division of Wildlife

Two years ago, a mother deer was killed on the highway. Her newborn baby was picked up by Jodi Proger. She nursed him and saved his life. Wheezer has been a part of Jodi's life since that day. He is no longer a wild animal and cannot be returned to the wild. On Tuesday, August 27, 2015, officers with the Ohio Division of Natural Resources (ODNR) showed up at Jodi’s house. They want to kill Wheezer. This deer is harmless and he is a pet now.

People can own captive deer for breeding. People can fence them in and hunt them. There is no logical reason why an orphaned or injured deer cannot be rescued and provided with sanctuary care. Wheezer need not lose his life!

Ohio HB 267 has been introduced, but it has not been assigned to a committee. This bill will once again allow sanctuary care for orphaned and injured deer in Ohio.

We are respectfully requesting that Governor John Kasich and Chief Scott Zody allow Jodi Proger to keep Wheezer.



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By signing this petition, you can help save Wheezer. The needless killing of orphaned or injured animals must STOP!


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