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Mr. Tom Wolber President of Euro Disney S.A.S., Mrs. Claire Bilby Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing, François Banon Vice President, Public Affairs Communication of Europe Disneyland Paris theme park

Dear Mr. Wolber, Mrs. Bilby, Mr. Banon,

by this petition we kindly ask you to stop the mistreatment of horses in the theme park of Disneyland in Paris. On my latest visit i was shocked to see a poor horse trying to pull a big, heavy metallic wagon full of people (!). We felt so sorry for the poor animal which was clearly in agony trying to pull so much weight and that definitely ruined our day! And any human being with consciousness and feelings of compassion would feel the same, because it is a mistreatment of animals just for no reason, just for fun! Moreover,children should not be taught that this is the way to treat animals. I am kindly ask you to have these carriages removed and others mechanical or on tracks placed instead.
Awaiting for your actions regarding this important issue.
Thank you.


Lydia Leventaki

This petition closed about 4 years ago

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Please sign this petition in order to stop the mistreatment of horses at the Disneyland Paris theme park.


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