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Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner

The animals in the circus do not live a happy life. These elephants, tigers and lions are classified as endangered species, and deserve to be treated with greater respect.

Bull hooks, whips, electric prods, and starvation methods are all used to punish these beautiful, wild animals. This cruel practice is out dated and needs to be stopped. Animal abuse is not entertaining.

More than 40 U.S cities and over 30 countries, including Mexico, have BANNED circuses that use animals from performing. Let's get this ban passed in Illinois so these animals will have one less place to suffer.

See how Hawaii passed their ban here:

Learn what is wrong with the circus here:


Rachel Elizabeth

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The Illinois state government needs to know how many of its residents oppose the cruelty that comes with traveling circuses. Every signature counts, and every voice needs to be heard in this battle.


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