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Let The Federal District Courts Know WE THE PEOPLE Mean Business.

Dear Mr. President:

PLEASE PRESERVE PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States and address the danger posed and harm caused to our Liberty, Constitution and Justice System because of ABSOLUTE JUDICIAL IMMUNITY (tyrannical rule).

Judicial abuse is very common and especially dangerous in Family Court. Family Court Judges regularly refuse to abide by The Constitution, State Statutes, and Legislative Public Policy. They are ignoring the truth, evidence, and most importantly the best interest of the Child. Innocent Children and Good Parents suffer lifelong emotional, mental and physical scars due to the Family Court's lawless, unconstitutional, malicious, morally reprehensible, and baseless rulings.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

This is not a petition but a MANDAMUS (Latin for “We Command”) This is more than a campaign, its an Action at Law by We the People to put all tyrants on notice to obey the Constitution or face the legal consequences. Our goal is one Million plus signatures to be file in all 94 Federal District Courts.

MANDAMUS - We the People of the fifty united States of America, by our own authority, through the Unified United States Common Law Grand Juries being filed under No. 1776-1789-2015 “COMMAND” all elected and appointed servants to obey the Constitution for the United States of America, which guarantees to every state in this union and the People thereof, a constitutional republican form of government.

Furthermore the Fifth Amendment's "constitutional guarantee presupposes an investigative body 'acting independently of either prosecuting attorney or judge, unfettered by technical rules. Therefore judges and clerks have no authority to prevent, obstruct or interfere with the Peoples’ necessary access to our courts to administrate unbiased juries.


Childrens Rights Florida

How this will help

This is a campaign that will require everyone's participation. We need one Million plus signatures to file in all 94 Federal District Courts to let them know we mean business. Below please find...

This is a campaign that will require everyone's participation. We need one Million plus signatures to file in all 94 Federal District Courts to let them know we mean business. Below please find instructions, signature and flyer page.


It is "TIME" to hold all judges accountable we are "NOW" venturing into a massive campaign to expose the out of control judicial corruption (RICO) across America. We will be serving "every" federal judge and filing in all 94 Federal District Courts across America simultaneously. NOW IS THE TIME to pay attention and become active. YOUR PARTICIPATION IS NEEDED, it's your duty!

  • "The words 'district court of the United States' commonly describe constitutional courts created under Article III of the Constitution, not the legislative courts which have long been the courts of the Territories." [Mookini v. U.S., 303 U.S. 201, 205, 58 S.Ct. 543, 545, 82 L.Ed. 748. (See also Longshoremen v. Juneau Spruce Corp., 324 U.S. 237; Reynolds v. U.S., 98 U.S. 145, 154; McAlister v. U.S., 141 U.S. 174; U.S. v. Burroughs, 289 U.S. 159, 163] 
  • 28 U.S. Code § 132 - Creation and composition of district courts (a) There shall be in each judicial district a district court which shall be a court of record known as the United States District Court for the district. 
  • A COURT OF RECORD. "A judicial tribunal  having attributes and exercising functions independently of the person of the magistrate designated generally to hold it ... proceeding according to the course of common law". [Jones v. Jones, 188 Mo.App. 220, 175 S.W. 227, 229; Ex parte Gladhill, 8 Metc. Mass., 171, per Shaw, C.J. See, also, Ledwith v. Rosalsky, 244 N.Y. 406, 155 N.E. 688, 689][Black's Law Dictionary, 4th Ed., 425, 426] The decisions of a superior court may only be challenged in a court of appeal. 

    The decisions of an inferior court are subject to collateral attack. In other words, in a superior court one may sue an inferior court directly, rather than resort to appeal to an appellate court. Decision of a court of record may not be appealed. It is binding on ALL other courts. However, no statutory or constitutional court (whether it be an appellate or supreme court) can second guess the judgment of a court of record. "The judgment of a court of record whose jurisdiction is final, is as conclusive on all the world as the judgment of this court would be. It is as conclusive on this court as it is on other courts. It puts an end to inquiry concerning the fact, by deciding it." [Ex parte Watkins, 3 Pet., at 202-203. [cited by SCHNECKLOTH v. BUSTAMONTE, 412 U.S. 218, 255 (1973)]. 

    FEDERAL COURT FILINGS The line in the sand


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