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o 58% of Americans have been "touched by adoption";
o 2,072,412 Americans are categorized as "adopted children";
o 800,000 children go "missing" each year in the U.S.;
o 1.2 million children are trafficked by the commercial sex trade.
-2010 U.S. Census

We, the People are concerned about government protected Child Stealing and Trafficking resulting from family law and adoption cases via CPS and secret courts in the United States. Narrowing freedoms of speech and due process, and lack of independent scrutiny of "experts" who lie for money, has created a lucrative market for children. Forced adoptions and trafficking via coercion, duress, and/or outright kidnap from economically disadvantaged parents who were never proven unfit nor neglectful, and were never permitted a jury trial to defend against charges, must stop. "Compromise legislation" enabling, for instance, adult adoptees to access their true, sealed birth record after 18 or more years, and/or under certain conditions depending on state of birth, not imposed on other citizens, cannot undo the irreparable damage to adoptees and the families from which they may have been wrongfully taken and given falsified birth certificates to maintain secrecy as to method of procurement.
Australia has all but abolished adoption which is now only a "last resort" in that country. Islam allows adoption but only if the natural family ties are preserved. In the United Kingdom certain Members of Parliament, and protesters who are taking to the streets, have been exposing their government's coverup of legalized child stealing for adoption and trafficking by pedophiles, and the continuing U.S. demand for "adoptable" children from abroad by any means (per our State Department condoning outright kidnappings that are later legalized under state sealed records laws "if in child's best interests") has ignited global concern.

Therefore, this Petition requests an Executive Order in the interests of National Security, for an Act that will (1) suspend payments awarded for out-of-home placements of infants and children; (2) establish new guidelines for removing a child from his/her natural relative(s) and for their expedited return -- guidelines that also give natural family members priority in out-of-home placements; (3) require video recording of social worker and family court intervention into the family; (4) establish committees for oversight in family law and adoption cases ; (5) require uniform birth certificates nationwide; (5) in the interests of National Security, support repeal of state laws requiring the falsification and sealing of adoptees' original birth certificates and that treat children as property under a system that has been called colonialism; and (6) aggressively promote existing and improved forms of individualized legal custody in cases where the child cannot be raised by his/her natural parents or other biological family members. such as temporary and permanent child Guardianship.

Ref: "CHOSEN CHILDREN - Billion Dollar Babies in America's Failed Foster Care, Adoption and Prison Systems"
by Lori Carangelo;
and the following article on why "compromise legislation" is just another way to manipulate and remove basic rights -


Lori Carangelo

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