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Arnold W. Donald, President and CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines

In September 2013, the Dominican Republic’s Constitutional Court took away citizenship for more than 200,000 Haitians. Most of these Haitians were born in the country to poor plantation workers. Afterward, the country announced plans to deport them. However, these people are stateless, country-less, and without the basic rights that citizenship provide. Despite this ethnic purge, Carnival Cruise Lines continues to cruise to the Dominican Republic, thereby supporting their economy and their government. Carnival Cruise Lines should take a stand and reject the Dominican Republic's institutional racism, which is a violation of basic human rights. Carnival Cruise Lines should remove the Dominican Republic from its cruise itineraries.


Shewanda Pugh

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How this will help

The Dominican Republic's economy is frail enough to feel the loss of tourism revenue should Carnival cruise elsewhere. Hopefully, this will be enough to make lawmakers reconsider their actions.


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