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Dear Mr Hunt,

Today you announced a ‘New Deal for General Practice’. Perhaps it was too much to hope for a declaration that would reduce workload, decrease red tape and address demand through investment in Primary Care.

With no discussion of time-frames nor clearly thought out financing, your ‘deal’ included:
- 5000 New GPs and 5000 further Primary Care Staff
- A further year IN HOSPITALS for GP Trainees
- A national ‘Marketing Campaign’ to encourage medical students to choose General Practice.
- Financial incentives for those in deprived areas
- Financial help for struggling practices
- New ‘data’ on staffing levels and patient care outcomes

In return you want GPs to provide 7 day access for routine care.

There are innumerable flaws in your plan which will erode Primary Care and put patient safety at risk.

Firstly, we doubt that 5000 GPs, whenever they appear, will cover the number of GPs retiring early and those emigrating to Australasia, especially if their training and entry into General Practice is delayed by a further year in hospital. No mention is given of overall GP numbers.

Marketing will not fool medical students into believing the workload, instability and low morale from constant denigration in the press are not a reality. Furthermore, recent experiences in Leicestershire have shown that a “golden hello” does not attract GPs to less popular areas of the country

The financial help offered for struggling practices is a sticking plaster, that neither addresses why those practices are struggling nor promising any ongoing financial support.

Nothing in this so-called “new deal” will help us with our real and present struggle to manage Monday to Friday services given current levels of demand. Extending hours will actually cause the loss of continuity of care as services are spread more thinly.

We would propose that the Department of Health and NHS England consider:
- increasing investment in primary care to 11% of the NHS budget
- investing in existing out-of-hour services that help provide a 7 day a week GP service, by tackling medical indemnity costs and improving access to medical records
- scrapping unnecessary regulation by the Care Quality Commission
- improving GP morale, by refraining from negative press stories

Yours sincerely,

The Campaign for GP Survival Facebook Group
*Inspired by Dr Zoe Norris and countless other GPs on social media


Samir Dawlatly

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