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Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis

I am writing to urge you to prosecute Officer Eric Casebolt to the fullest extent of the law for his brutal and discriminatory actions against Dajerria Becton and a group of Black teens who attended a pool party at Craig Ranch pool.

Officer Casebolt's actions were inexcusable and reflect a deeply discriminatory and abusive culture of policing within McKinney law enforcement. Officer Casebolt violently arrested, verbally assaulted and physically attacked a number of the teens, including Dajerria Becton who was body slammed, pinned to the ground and put in handcuffs while unarmed and wearing a bikini. Casebolt then drew his gun at teens who came to Dajerria’s rescue.

Officer Casebolt has resigned, but it's not enough. Any police officer who treats another human being, let alone children, in such an abusive, life-threatening manner must be held accountable. The Black teens at the party were singled out for abuse and none of the white bystanders experienced any police aggression. It's gravely unjust.

In addition to Officer Casebolt, all of the officers present at Craig Ranch pool, who stood by and allowed this police violence to take place, must be held accountable.



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We need widespread public pressure to counter the power of the local police union and ensure Prosecutor Willis charges Officer Casebolt immediately! 


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