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Recite Benti Chaupai daily for 40 days starting June 6

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How to do this

Complete these steps by July 1

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    Sign up to join for a 40 day practice of Chaupai Sahib here which we will start as a group on June 6th. We will post up reminders and updates in coming weeks.

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    Visit for audio recordings of Chaupai Sahib and files for reading.

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    Help spread the word by posting a photo of yourself on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler or Vine) with one finger up and Hashtag #1Prayer and . Your photo will show up on our website along with other supporters.

    Feel free to share any positive updates or thoughts using the hashtag #1Prayer #ChaupaiPower #IkArdas.

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    Our experiment is to gather at least 1,000 participants to recite one extra Chaupai Sahib a day for 40 days together starting on June 6, 2015.  

    (If you already do it every day, you can add an extra recitation(s). If you are not currently doing you can start). 

    Our intention is: 1: Clear any blocks that hold us Sikhs back as a group. 2: Bring increased unity to the panth. 3. Create a healing vibration in the Sikh community that can expand to the entire world.

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How this will help

Through the power of prayer and our collective group meditation, we can bring increased unity to the Sikh community and create healing on the planet.


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