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I'm asking for the government of Puerto Rico To take action in this Horrible matter, that can't go unnoticed.

This photos show how they let the animals in the zoo go hungry without any veterinary help. Animals keep dying in this zoo. We had ask for help but only receive silence from local government. Please this need to stop for the help of this animals. they should close this zoo entirely.

What animals are thinking in a Zoo? Same things are thinking men in prison but without having any guilt!

Animals were born free NOT in confined cages for human exhibits. They only think of freedom of the wilderness, their origin countries, their families… Just like we would do if we were in their place.


Blas Herrero

This petition closed over 3 years ago

How this will help

It will help to stop the mistreated and abuse of the animals in the zoo also to raise awareness on how zoo are not meant for animals.


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