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The mental health section of any hospital in the world. Prime minister. President. Politician. Mental health employee. Psychiatrist. Jail employee. Judge. Lawyer. Doctor.

We hereby inform you that all those involved in forcing chemical or electrical psychiatric treatments and or coercing chemical or electrical psychiatric treatments through intimidation and or threats of institutionalized violence are in serious violation of civil and human rights. Forced psychiatric treatment with chemical (neuroleptics) and electrical (ECT) methods is a form of torture and punishable in a court of law.

Forced psychiatric treatment is in violation of article 15 of CRPD and is in violation of ARTICLE 1 of CAT.

The criteria for torture in CAT (Convention Against Torture) are as follows:

1. Intentional
2. Infliction of severe mental or physical pain or suffering
3. By or with the acquiescence of a public official
4. Not inherent in lawful sanctions
5. For purposes such as obtaining a confession, coercion or intimidation of the person or another person, punishment of the person or another person, or for reasons based on discrimination of any kind.

The definitions are satisfied:

1. The definition of torture does not rely on the perception of the individual performing said act and relies on whether the act was intentional.

2. Forced chemical and electrical treatments are known to cause severe mental and physical pain and suffering. Including but not limited to infertility, suicidal ideations, Tardive Dyskenesia, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (NMS) and death.

3. State responsibility for acts of torture extends both to acts carried out by public officials such as employees of public institutions, and to its complicity in authorizing and not taking effective measures to prevent acts of forced treatment and psychiatric detention by private actors.

4. Psychiatric detention and forced treatment are not inherent in punishment for a crime, therefore in the criminal context as well as civil context these practices are unjustified.

5. The purpose of discrimination is satisfied as we have seen, by the nature of forced psychiatry as having an aim of correcting or alleviating a disability against the person’s will or without his or her free and informed consent. All other sections of point 5 are satisfied also.

Forced psychiatric treatment is torture and should be acknowledged as such.

We implore you and all employees including but not limited to psychiatrists and mental health workers, to cease and desist all acts of torture immediately, before more people are harmed and before legal action is taken.

May I remind you that Germans were methodically killing Germans before they were killing Jews, Gypsy's and dissidents. 'Action T4' was a medical program that quietly whisked away diff-abled and so called "mentally ill" for extermination.
In 1920, two Germans published a book called "The Release of the Destruction of Life Devoid of Value." The authors were Dr Karl Binding, a lawyer, who was a Professor of Law and Philosophy and Dr Alfred Hoche ,who was a Doctor of Medicine and a Psychiatrist.

Karl Binding and Alfred Hoche argued that there were 'lives unworthy of life' and for the good of society, and indeed, out of compassion for the worthless individuals, such people could be ethically killed. Binding and Hoche's book was a turning point in German culture and served as a catalyst for the T4 program, which itself was a precursor to the Holocaust.

This is the very reason we have laws to protect minority speech and to protect those who are disabled in any way. History repeats but it always finds a way to look new.

In America alone 100,000 people die each year from prescription drugs — that’s 270 per day, or, more than twice as many who are killed in car accidents each day. These deaths are resulted from proper usage and prescription.


Daniel Carter

How this will help

PLEASE understand that although I will personally send this petition along with signatures attached to relevant people involved in these acts and decision makers, it is also important for everyone...

PLEASE understand that although I will personally send this petition along with signatures attached to relevant people involved in these acts and decision makers, it is also important for everyone to print out the petition (and add more signatures in writing if possible) and forward it to anyone that is involved in forced treatment or decision making.

This is a work in progress and not the atypical petition. We need to work together and use every advantage we have as this issue cuts to the core of society.

This petition and your help will unite our voices. This petition will enable us to combine all our voices in to one document that can be printed out by many of us and then forwarded to your local hospital where forced and coerced treatment is occurring.If you are not able to hand out document, you can also share it on Facebook after I email it to you. A signature is all that is required of you. Those who are able to print out the petition and send it to their local hospital etc after I forward it, please do so.


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