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Tell Ralph Lauren to eliminate deforestation! Sign the petition, demand Ralph Lauren step up and eliminate forest destruction and human rights abuses from its supply chain.

As a leader in the fashion world, Ralph Lauren has a duty to lead the way towards a more sustainable and just fashion industry. It’s time to eliminate rainforest destruction and human rights abuses from your supply chain.

The steps are simple - first, dig into your supply chain and see if you are sourcing from the worst of the worst -- Toba Pulp Lestari and the Royal Golden Eagle Group. If you are, then it is time to cancel.

Second, commit to developing a policy so that Ralph Lauren will never again source materials that destroy rainforests and hurt communities.


Rainforest Action Network

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Pressure Ralph Lauren to take responsibility for their supply chains, identify and eliminate bad actors, and develop strong, time bound commitments to protect forests and human rights.


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