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Dear Mr Widodo,

Dear Mr Widodo,

I believe that tigers are a very important part of the eco-system of Southern and South-east Asia. I also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue. I would like you to put more park rangers in hunting grounds so they can make sure tigers aren’t being hunted anymore.

Tigers are an endangered species and getting harder to find each day so the sooner we can start helping and getting more people on board with this program, we can still save the tigers from extinction.

If more people donate and help out in communities then tigers will be more around in greater number with more of them running around. The effect of your action on the issue can help.

Your government will be judged on its ability to help and save the tigers. The eyes of the world are watching! Obviously it is time that action is taken to save the tigers. We ask that you will help donate. This will help save the tigers. We also request that you to help promote organisations poachers and hunters deforestation and capturing tigers. So that they know what the punishment will be if they keep it up. In addition, by helping you would show the world that you truly care about you special animals.

Yours sincerely,
Conor Reynolds


Conor Reynolds

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How this will help

petition will help the issue of deforestation and capturing and poaching tigers this will help stop the extinction of the tigers and so tigers can live in their habitat and not make then go away.

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