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Every second counts -
In one terrifying instant a person goes missing in our country. Every 40 seconds to be exact. Each second counts in the event of a missing persons situation. Alerts such as Amber, Silver and Blue must meet certain criteria such as age, wait time and/or certain circumstances surrounding the event. While each of these alert systems have proven to be effective in their own way, we believe that neither a persons age nor time missing should be considered when it comes to the life of a loved one.

Our Goal:
We are reaching out to incredible people like you to help us raise awareness to this need to create a national missing person social media alert system that will support those family's searching for their love ones. By using Facebook's already Custom Audiences targeting settings and demographical abilities tools within their ad platform. We can mirror the exact locations and surrounding areas in which the missing persons event took place. This allows us to expand beyond normal capabilities within typical existing alerts and methods of local authorities. Our post reach will pinpoint target demographics to make sure a persons loved ones information along with photo(s) reach maximum exposure.
It doesn't matter whether we have a list, nor a big enough Facebook following, we can still create a Lookalike Audience using a tracking pixel to create a Custom Audience to broadcasting their loved ones picture across social media, and using all other available local and mainstream media news channels to ensure maximum exposure.

Over the next year we will continue to work with local search and rescue teams, police departments, city and state government locales in building an effective and strategic response system. We will raise funds through grassroots efforts non-stop....WE WILL NOT GIVE UP, but we can't do this without more help: there just isn't enough time. Please become a part of this urgent plea with us.

*The average non emergency missing persons wait time is 26hrs before authorities can take action.

*Local media can not report until local authorities give an official report.

**Facebook average ad post review time is 15 mins.

Our criteria is simple:
A missing persons report must be made in the locale in which they were last seen. This system could offer services that would include but not be limited to social media usage, family advisement, searching capabilities, providing a family spokesperson and counseling.

But there is hope!
The countless hours of research conducted points to this system being the answer to help in building the bridge to expedient conclusions to a much needed overhaul of existing tools, and adding a new tool to the tool chest. Which means the only thing standing between a solution and a family's miracle, is YOU.

Why is this so important to me and what is my experience?
My friends 18 year old daughter Anjelica "AJ" Hadsell went missing in Norfolk, Va. on March 2, 2015 from her home while back from Spring Break from Longwood University. I've seen first hand the parents and friends reaction to such a tragic situation. But I also saw the abilities of friends and families willingness to merge together for one common cause with different skills and abilities in the social media platforms that allowed us to get AJ's face and information in front of millions of people in less than a week. NOW imagine what we could do with your help.

Many other missing persons and families are counting on others and are not as social media savvy as the Hadsell family was. Families just like her parents counted on everyone to share and keep sharing her information.

The clock is ticking. The technology is already there, it's within grasp to make a difference in saving a life or finding valuable clues that would lead authorities to their whereabouts.

Thank you from the bottom our hearts, with all of the gratitude and affection we could possibly offer: THANK YOU!
Determined, hopeful and eternally grateful,
- Timothy Moran, Jennifer Hadsell, Drew Hadsell and Ariel Hadsell

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Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @smmpas


Timothy Moran

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How this will help

Please Act Today!

What would you do if you knew that your signature was the only thing standing between your child, family or friend being located and their chance of being located and returned...

Please Act Today!

What would you do if you knew that your signature was the only thing standing between your child, family or friend being located and their chance of being located and returned home safely? What would any parent or individual do?

Please help support our urgent, lifesaving mission. Every signature counts just as every second counts, but even if all you can do is forward this link to as many people you know, you will have our eternal gratitude.
Help us. Join us in our quest!

With your help, this will become one of the first social media alert systems of its kind. Together we can make history and return thousands upon thousands of missing persons back to their loved ones. Never should a parent again have to spend countless seconds and minutes waiting to get the family members face out into the publics eye. 
With your help, the WORLD will know EVERY missing persons name and see their face.

Sign the petition today and let's change the world.


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