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Governor John Hickenlooper

Governor, you're a self-proclaimed prairie dog lover.

Did you realize your own Parks & Wildlife Department has no means for protecting black-tailed prairie dogs? Because of internal policy, their only management plan is to euthanize them, or feed them to ferrets.

Is that the way Colorado should treat helpless animals?

Much of Colorado's beautiful State Parkland contains excellent black-tailed prairie dog habitat. In many areas, their populations have been decimated by plague, but can now safely accommodate new colonies, using animals displaced by development.

Governor, you can help stop the killing of these beautiful creatures by mandating that CPW identify and include black-tailed prairie dog relocation sites in Colorado's beautiful State Parks.


Bold Visions Conservation

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How this will help

This petition will be presented to the Governor's Office, in hopes of saving black-tailed prairie dogs from certain death when they are displaced from their homes.


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