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The Honourable Mary Polak, British Columbia Minister of Environment

The BC wolf cull is a controversial and unplanned action on behalf of the British Columbian Government. The supposed idea is that, by killing wolves - the predator - the population of endangered Mountain Caribou - the prey - in the South Peace River and Selkirk regions will be restored. What the officials have failed to realize is that this will not help. The cull, which will most likely last 5 years, will only result in less wolves as well as less caribou. After conducted studies, it has been concluded that 40% of caribou deaths in these regions were the cause of wolves. And the other 60%? Wolves are, obviously, a factor in the declination of caribou; however, they are just that. They are only one of many factors. The caribou population has been on the edge since they were vastly populated and hunted for that reason. Now, officials have been quick to blame these meager numbers on predation by wolves. By eliminating the wolves, nothing will improve in the long run. Yes, the caribou may have a slight increase in population with less predation, but it won't last long. Ecosystems cannot thrive without balanced biodiversity. Humans can help this situation, only not this way. If this action is continued, the current state will likely only worsen.
Allow ourselves to think back to the elimination of wolves in Yellowstone National Park, Montana; for example. With wolves no longer in the park, the entire ecosystem was not functioning properly. As some may recall, coyotes were the apex predators - having no predators of their own, save human hunting. They were therefore overpopulated, and were feeding primarily on young pronghorn antelope. The threat to the pronghorn meant their population was declining drastically. Yet simultaneously, the elk were voraciously reproducing, having next to no predator (since the coyotes rarely hunted elk) except for man. While the elk flourished, all of the vegetation that the many elk ate died, particularly in stream beds, which ultimately effected all organisms dependant upon that vegetation. As you can see, it did not turn out well. Yellowstone National Park, went so quickly from beautiful and healthy, to a mess of over and under population. And why?
Because there were no wolves.
If the BC wolf cull continues, the fate of Yellowstone could come to our beloved British Columbia. Killing the predator is not the solution. Humans need to stop the logging industry, development and pollution, and then the caribou may have a chance.


Makoi Anderson

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By signing this petition, you will be showing your support to the end of the BC wolf cull, and letting Tom Ethier know that this is a misjudged operation and must stop.


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