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Tom L Williams - owner of Maybelline Cosmetics

Dear Tom L Williams,

I believe that animal testing is a very important issue. I also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue as you’re company is involved animal testing. I want to you stop testing your products on animals.

Did you know that over 100 million animals are unnecessarily killed and tortured every year due to animal testing? You need to stop using animals to test your cosmetic products. There are other testing methods that you can use other than poor innocent animals.

This will help the sales of your company and will save the animals from going through extremely painful procedures, being man handled and even being held down by mechanic machines. If you change this the sales of your cosmetics will shoot through the roof when customers realise that you don’t use animals to test your products.

Your company will be judged on its ability to choose different methods of testing that does not involve the use of living creatures. The eyes of the world are watching! Obviously it is time that action is taken to end the use of restraints being used to hold them down while they are having potentially dangerous into their sensitive eyes, the use of humans pulling and pushing fragile little animals. I ask that you choose another way of testing that doesn’t involve living creatures. This will enable animals to live longer and will save you money as other testing methods are cheaper. I also request that you change your testing procedures to include something like in vitro testing, so that no more animals are injured or tortured. In addition, by changing your procedures you would show the world that you are interested in saving the animals. You need to take this into consideration and act on it fast.

Yours sincerely,

Alyce Bruen


Alyce Bruen

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How this will help

By requesting this action is done we will save the animals, the company money and then they will gain more money. Because he owns the company and can change the ways of testing.


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