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We are appealing to Facebook to return the group to it's previous intended status as an OPEN group.

The 9/11 Truth Movement group on Facebook was established and always operated as an OPEN group.
Due to a momentary adjustment of the account settings from an admin member, the group was intended to be briefly switched to CLOSED. Doing this was a temporary measure and done from the admins smartphone.
Upon selecting that the group status change, NO WARNING was provided by Facebook notifying the user this change was IRREVERSIBLE.
It was later found that from a desktop or laptop, a warning IS provided.
Due to this momentary adjustment, a permanent condition was placed upon our group. Under no circumstances, would we ever desire to make this group closed to others or the contents discussed difficult to access.

We demand Facebook acknowledge that this software glitch contributed to the group now being a closed group. We ask that the group status be amended to OPEN as has always been the wish of the members and admins.

Please show your support for this return to an OPEN status and place pressure on Facebook to acknowledge it's software glitch contributed to what was later found to be an irreversible function.


Daniela Spaghettini

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How this will help

Help us to share crucial evidence about the crime of 9/11 with people across the world. An OPEN Truth Movement group encourages the sharing of information and ideas. 


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