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China's minister of foreing affairs Wang Yi and China's ambassador to United States, Tian Kai

Dear government officials;
Abolish the consumption of Dog and Cat Meat in your country. Make stricter laws to punish the stealing of pets, and cancel the dog and cat meat eating festivals in China, such as; the Yulin dog and cat meat festival.
The dog and cat meat and skin trade is a vile, cruel, industry, and an embarrassment to China and to the Chinese people. No animal should have to suffer this way for any reason. This horrific practice reflects on China's society and on it's government. your Country appears to the global community, as a nation with no heart, no soul and no compassion; only a nation full of evil, greed and tremendous cruelty.
Your country could benefit from being viewed in a positive light by the world community; instead, it is being viewed as a dark, cruel, malevolent and unsophisticated nation.


margaret miranda

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How this will help

It Will bring knowledge to people of the horrors of this trade, maybe the Chinese government will do something to stop the horror and the embarrassment that it brings to their country


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