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Graham Turner from Flight Centre

We believe that the killing of mountain gorillas and the illegal selling of them is a very important issue. We also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue.
The mountain gorillas are an endangered species which need protection from hunters and poachers, there are civilians in Uganda, giving their lives, using fire armed weapons to keep the mountain gorillas safe from poachers and the chance of extinction. The idea that was brought upon us was that if a $50 donation to the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) from every travel fee to Africa from your company Flight Centre to supply more safety for the gorillas and security systems.
By Flight Centre supplying this amount of money to the WWF, they will have reached all they require at the amount of $10,000. This amount of money will go towards; the security systems of the Uganda jungle and the sheltering of the employees working to protect the gorillas.
Your company Flight Centre will be judged on its ability to supply the needs of WWF with the amount of money they require for the substantial task. The eyes of the world are watching! Obviously it is time that action is to be taken and acted upon so that the existence of the mountain gorilla continues for years to come. We ask that you please consider the offer, this will benefit your company by doing a greater cause for the world because it will be supporting a foundation which is saving a species. We also request that you take to action, so that so that the gorillas live peacefully as intended. In addition, by donating your money to WWF, you would show the world that Flight centre is not only a company to get customers from A to B, but a company that is willing to give their profit to a world need.


Sam Italiano

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How this will help

This petition will benefit the cause because the money donated to the World Wildlife Foundation will save the mountain gorillas in Uganda by creating safety facilities and defence forces with armed weapons.

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