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Tom Gericke, creative director, Asia Pacific Business Showcase

Dear Mr Gericke
We ask that you as creative director of the Asia Pacific Business Showcase Media company to create a media campaign to stop the use of rhino horn in Asia. We know that in China that the use of Rhino horn has been outlawed but is still widely used and sold there. When rare species are used by consumers, education needs to be really strong because they still hold their own beliefs. IFAW polls have uncovered a surprising lack of public awareness in China regarding endangered species products. In one survey, 70 percent of respondents didn't know that ivory comes from dead elephants. A lot of the consumers don't realize what they are doing is wrong, They believe, “If I didn't kill it, if it's on the market, then what's wrong with me buying it?” There's no stigma attached with wildlife consumption. There needs to be more awareness of this issue because really the horn is worth nothing it has no scientific or health value whatsoever, it is worth nothing, and there are buyers paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for it. Consumers need to be aware that they are being ripped off and shouldn’t buy it. All that is happening is the number of rhinos in South Africa are declining. Action is needed in Asia to give awareness to the buyers. If we can do this buyers would know that poachers take the horn in the cruellest way possible. I feel that if we can stop the demand at its source in Asia, then poaching will fade out in South Africa, because there would be no buyers for the horn.
We trust that you will take action to help save the Rhinos before they become extinct.


Trent Willcocks

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people should sign this petition because it will help us know that people are supporting us and rhinos from the threat of future extinction.


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