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Mr Hillary Madzikanda Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authoriy

Dear Mr Hillary Madzikanda,
We believe that elephant poaching is a very important issue that can be dealt with and this murder can be avoided. We also believe that you are in a position to take action to address this issue.
80% of the elephant deaths since 2012 in Africa, are killed for the illegal ivory trade. Elephants have a vulnerable status on the WWF website, in which gives an idea of their proximity to extinction. The issue at hand is the murder of elephants for the illegal ivory trade. Elephants are a large part of the African culture, elephant are a form of luck in their culture. These elephants have been includes in their cultures for years on end, destroying this will ruin the base of African culture. The issue is worsening, the number of elephants have decreased from 5 million in 1920 to 470,000 - 690,000 in 2012 and now less than 400, 000 in 2015. Deemed to be extinct by 2020.
As the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, you have the responsibility of funding the conservations, to stop the death and illegal ivory trade. We believe that you fund the conservationists that are putting to action the end of poaching. Currently they are receiving no funds and are only doing it out of the good of their own heart. This action will help to stop these innocent beautiful elephants.
Your organisation will be judged on its ability to deal with the murder of elephants and illegal ivory trade. The elephant population is getting to a critical state. African elephants are one of Africa’s most precious and looked up to, native animals, contributing to a large part of African culture. Obviously it is time that action is taken to the murder in Africa. We trust that you will prompt action to save the elephants.


Carter Fleming

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This petition will help to bring awareness of the issue of elephant poaching to Wildlife Management Authority. 


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