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My name is Frank Sloane jr, I speak on behalf of F.A.I.T.H, Freedom Against Intolerant Theology Hate. Our mission is preserve the respect that peaceful religions such as Christians, Catholics, etc, and its believers deserve, and to put a stop to anti-religious hatred of one Freedom Against Religion. I do not speak for the world of the faithful, but I do feel I speak for the most rational of us. It is not my intention, or my groups intention to make anyone believe, God gave us all free will, they can believe or not believe. My only goal is to prevent them from slandering, insulting, and persecuting us for our beliefs in this country.

America was founded on strong religious respect, granted it had is faults, but humans are not perfect, the faith on the other hand is. And that is what I want to preserve. What I ask borders precariously on the line between respect for others beliefs, and silencing their free speech. However it is not my intention to infringe on free speech per the Constitution, rather I wish to prevent people, primarily the group Freedom From Religion from obstructing, and telling our children lies about what we believe. That is their opinion, and they are entitled to it, however they should not, and cannot tell us, and our children what is *right*, we are faithful believers, and all I want is for people like us to have the right to practice our peaceful beliefs without persecution by those who do not believe. If you can help in this at all, I would greatly appreciate it, you would be doing us all a noble assist.

Sincerely, Frank Sloane jr.


Sifu Frank Sloane II

How this will help

It would help prevent the group known as Freedom From Religion, from persecuting and attacking Christians and other peaceful religions, just because they don't agree with us.

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