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The 751 Elected Members of the European Parliament. The 751 Members of the European Parliament are there to represent you, the citizen of 28 Member States of the European Union on behalf of its 500 million citizens.

To the 751 Members of European Parliament.

The vast number of Homeless Stray Animals on the streets of many European Countries, is an issue the European Parliament needs to fully understand and act to make a uniformed laws to help those Stray Animals, who for no fault of their own have been left to roam our Streets.

We the signed members of this call on the European Parliament and the 751 Members to accept the fully documented report "Attached" this is a direct and urgent call to address the need to reduce and care for those Stray Animals.

With the full support of the European Parliament, there is an urgent need for all 28 Member States of the European Union to "Spay-Neuter" program; this has to be a more compassionate way to vastly reduce the numbers of Strays on the streets.

In some Member Countries "without directly naming" there are hunters who are paid with funding from the European Union to directly "Slaughter" Stray animals. This must stop, however without the larger numbers of the 751 members supporting this; we will not have any direction.

We now call on the European Union to give serious and strong consideration to place more effective ways to assist in a more "Humane Way" to address the issue of those Strays on our Streets. The 500 Million people in the “European Union” there is a vast number of animal supporters, while the undersigned may reside outside the European Union they support the need for laws to introduce a much needed "Spay-Neuter" program to reduce strays on our streets.


Col Bayes

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"Spay-Neuter" program to reduce strays on our streets - Stop the Slaughter of Strays funded by the "European Union"


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