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Ann Gail Meinster 1st Judicial District Judge

Minta Andrea Miracle Williams is not in an ICWA compliant placement. Minta's tribe and her mother, Dorothy Williams both have objected to this placement from the beginning!! Minta Andrea Miracle Williams's mother has completed 2 different parenting classes. She has completed 8 months of Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Moral Recognition Therapy, 192 hours of Relapse Prevention, 192 hours of Seeking Safety, 9 months of Dialectical Behavior Therapy, individual therapy, and couples counseling. She has also completed an evaluation to see if she needed to take psychiatric medication, and that evaluation concluded that she does not need medication of any kind. She has maintained the same residence for 1 1 /2 years, and the same job for 8 months. It is past time to send Minta home, especially considering ICWA law states reasonable and active efforts must be made.


Dorothy Williams

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Judge Ann Gail Meinster needs to understand that people are aware and watching this case.  She needs to understand that ICWA law was written and created because it needs to be followed.  

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