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Congress to Stop a Gas Tax Hike

Thanks to the boom in domestic energy production, Americans are enjoying the lowest gasoline prices in years and it’s making an impact on our economy. But in typical Washington fashion, politicians are considering massive increases to the gas tax to fill their coffers and support their wasteful tax-and-spend policies.

America’s transportation infrastructure, which is directly supported by the gasoline tax via the Highway Trust Fund, needs serious repair. Improved highways, roads, and bridges would dramatically enhance economic growth, job creation, and improve the mobility of the average American. But despite billions of dollars spent annually on transportation, Americans are no better off now than they were twenty years ago. According to a recent study, traffic congestion has increased significantly since the 1980s. Commuters traveling during peak periods spend an additional 38 hours on the road annually compared to 16 hours annually in 1982.

Additionally, Congress should eliminate any support for the Mass Transit Program via The Highway Trust Fund. Taxpayers across the country should not be responsible for funding the Mass transit systems of six cities: Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington. While proponents of these Mass Transit Programs say it relieves congestion and improves access to jobs, traffic congestion increased during peak travel times over 125 percent in 50 major metropolitan areas from 1983 through 2010.

The solution to these problems is not a gas tax increase. The solution is to reduce Washington’s role in transportation by allowing states to run their transportation programs, limit spending to available revenue, eliminate the Davis-Bacon Act, and end support for non-transportation programs funded by the Highway Trust Fund. Roads, highways, and bridges should be funded from the Highway Trust Fund without additional taxation.

Now that American energy production has made gasoline more affordable, we should permanently fund our roads without rolling back the economic gains of cheaper fuel. We the undersigned call on Congress to end any discussion of gas tax increases and immediately begin reforming the Highway Trust Fund. Taxpayers deserve a permanent solution to our transportation needs.


Americans for Tax Reform

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Politicians in Washington are looking to raise the Gas Tax. Taxpayers need to send a clear message to Congress: #TanktheGasTax!


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