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The Senate President, Senator David Mark, The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 3 Arms Zone Abuja FCT Nigeria

The Senate President
Senator David Mark
The Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
3 Arms Zone Abuja
FCT Nigeria
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Dear Mr. Senate President,

As you may be aware, general elections will be held in Nigeria on the 14th of February 2015. What may not be so obvious to many is that this election represents a significant watershed for the Nigerian nation and her people and also presents an opportunity for the people of Nigeria to change the path of their nation. Without mincing words the stakes are high.

Predictably our electoral body the independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is making shoddy preparations which are likely to disenfranchise approximately 30% of the voting population. They have insisted on the elections being conducted with the use of Permanent Voters Card (PVCs) which was to be a replacement to the Temporary Voters Cards (TVCs), an experiment which effectively disenfranchised about 40% of voters in two state governorship elections in Ekiti and Osun States.

INEC had FOUR (4) YEARS to produce and distribute PVCs to the electorate which was more than ample time for the exercise to be completed successfully. It is ineptitude when they haphazardly start to distribute the PVC a few months to general elections. It is an alarming FAILURE that they haven't been able to issue the PVCs to close to 30% of registered voters 38 days to the elections and it will be a rape on democracy if they prevent any NIGERIAN from voting because of their own INEPTITUDE. With Nigeria’s electoral history in mind this is a major cause for alarm.

Nigerians are already suspicious that these shoddy preparations and distribution is deliberate. There is also an apparent effort to cripple INECs ability to organize Free Fair and Transparent elections as with only 40 days to the election and several months after the budget for the elections was approved the Federal Government had not yet released funds to INEC as at Friday 2nd January 2015. How many days do they have left to prepare for what is essentially a complex logistical operation? There was a raid by the secret police (DSS) on the main opposition party's data centres and facilities with accompanying threats of violence and destruction by supporters of the incumbent should the election not return him.

If the Nigerian elections are not properly managed they could lead to a situation that would precipitate a crisis that would make previous crisis in the West African region seem like child's play. The only way to prevent this and diffuse the tension in the polity is to ensure the elections are FREE, FAIR and TRANSPARENT. A very first step to this is ensuring NO NIGERIAN IS PREVENTED FROM EXERCISING HIS/HER CIVIC RIGHT TO VOTE.

Attached to this later is the signature of NIGERIANS from all walks of life urging you to use your good office to persuade the Nigerian government to ensure that every Nigerian duly registered is able and allowed to vote with the new PVC or not. The delay and chaos in the distribution of PVCs has nothing to do with the Nigerian public and as such they must not be punished for it. We also implore you to ensure election monitors are deployed to observe the conduct of the elections with special attention being paid to issues such as violence and intimidation before, during and after the elections particularly by state security officials. Agents of opposition parties, in fact all parties, must be allowed to witness every step of the process, from accreditation, to voting, to counting, collation and announcement of results.

The peace and stability of the West African Sub-Region is directly related to the peace and stability of Nigeria and we know it's always easier to prevent than to manage a full blown crisis.

Adebayo T. Ajagunna, Christopher P.T. Lawson

For: Concerned Nigerian Citizens

Cc: Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki Moon
President of the United States of America, Barack Obama
Prime minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron
President of the European Union,
The Speaker House of Representatives
AU Chairperson, Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz


Christopher Peter Tevi Lawson

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