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Judge Mark A. Speiser

Moon suffered second-degree burns throughout the majority of her body after Alain Williams, 27, poured scalding water on her body following a domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend.
Although Moon has recovered there remains a serious threat to society. We are asking for the maximum sentence for the following charges: Aggravated Animal Cruelty, Criminal mischief, Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer, Trespass Structure/Conveyance.
The charges speak for the threat Alain Williams is to our community. We ask that you give him the harshest penalty for all these charges. Thank you for hearing us and taking our request into consideration.
Case information we are seeking justice for can be found below:

Broward County Case Number: 14013798CF10A
State Reporting Number: 062014CF013798A88810
Court Type: 3rd Degree Felony Case Type: 3rd Degree Felony
Filing Date: 10/14/2014
Court Location: Central Courthouse Judge ID / Name: Rothschild - FB, Michael Ian
Magistrate ID / Name: N/A BCCN: 0764278
State of Florida Vs. Williams, Alain Leclerc


Angelina Wilson

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The community is seeking the maximum penalty be given to Alain Leclerc Williams. 


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