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The Wild Horse is in trouble. Horses across the USA are being continually threatened bu legistlation. Some of them are getting adopted out, some of them are sold to slaughter and some of them are getting Euthanized, due to lack of space in the small holding facilities, that the BLM holds them in. Wild Horses need our voice to regain their respect. The wild Horse is a beautiful animal and should be our national symbol, this way they would be protected from ANY future harm. PLEASE SIGN TO NOT ONLY HAVE THE WILD HORSE REPRESENT OUR COUNTRY, BUT TO ALSO SAVE THOUSANDS OF HORSES EACH YEAR. The longer the Horses get put off, the longer this continual travesty goes on. The Wild Horse and Bald Eagle should stand together!

History about the Horse and America:

The Horse was reintroduced to this country, brought over by the Spaniards, before the revolution. The Horse was a very useful tool to American Indians, they made their lives so much easier. After this time, the Horse continued to be used for work and there began to be more Horses able to survive in the wild, in America. Horses started to grow and thrive in our environment. Many years later, the DOI was formed and they started thinking that there were too many Horses in the wild, so they started annual and continual round-ups. Now, here in the West, Horses are very few and far between, but the BLM still rounds them up, because they think that there is an overabundance and that there will be crossbreeding, so they continue to remove. The wild Horse is iconic, they represent when America was beginning to form. If you were unsure about signing this petition before, I hope that you will now sign it and I hope that you learned a little more about the wild Horse and it's representation in America. When the Horses arrived here again, America was called "the New found land".

~Elisa Nelson

This is written by Elisa Nelson- Admin. of Utah Animal Rights Advocates. Ask to join our group on Facebook.


Elisa Nelson

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