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Hello friends!

We need your support (and signatures!)
As you are aware, we are still fighting Latrobe City Council, over our laneway.
*We have proved that we own, by title.
*We have proved that our lane is of 'Private, and Sole Proprietorship.
*We have proved that there is 'influence' within Latrobe City's office, which support our conflicting neighbour
*We have proved that building conditions were not adhered to, and the undersigned of the permit, has turned a few 'blind' eyes to these conditions.
* After all of the lies from Latrobe City's former and current CEO's, and planning officers, including telling us there is a 'current' access permit, for which there has never been one, we have been victims of:
1. Bullying
3. Defamation

So, a waste of in excess of $100000.00 to fight me, to support a 'dodgey' planning permit, which shows 'favouritsm',
for which that money would have been better off spent within the communities, for their benefit, ie, childrens sports and recreation grounds and equipment.
So... we need you to sign our petition, which will be in our shop,
" Market Lane Produce"
at our families, original Deakin St Traralgon, fruitshop, this Thursday or alternatively please sign this online petition.
We are happy to show you the "Title"
and tell you how harsh these 'supposed' good doers are attempting to thieve our lane, to give to someone else, at our rate paying cost.
This could end up in the Supreme Court, which will cost us rate payers, allot, which again, could be used for our community.
Please show your support, we the Tripodi Family will be very appreciative.
Thank you - Gino Tripodi


Cosima Bagala

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How this will help

It will help the hard working and respected Tripodi Family of Traralgon maintain ownership of their Lane at 2 Deakin Street Traralgon.

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